GazaCoin - The crypto Project to Support Gaza
GazaCoin - The crypto Project to Support Gaza

The Social Crypto Project to Support Gaza

GazaCoin token contract adress: 0x562426D1c940a02648170044eE621dD97bf5B66b

(Base network)

About GazaCoin

Owning a GazaCoin token is a statement:
The owner stands in solidarity with the just struggle of the Palestinians against occupation, demanding an end to the genocide of Gaza's population, the cessation of oppression, and the urgent rebuilding of Gaza.
GazaCoin is a meme-coin created to raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and to support the Palestinian people enduring the horrible war crimes perpetrated by Israel.
Through holding and trading GazaCoin, we aim to provide a tool to be used by the global community dedicated to generating ideas and taking actions to assist the Palestinian people and contribute to the reconstruction of Gaza.
As GazaCoin gains popularity and attracts a high number of owners, alongside increased volume and market capitalization, its influence will echo louder than any public opinion poll, thereby exerting pressure on governments, particularly the United States and the EU, to halt aggression and end the occupation.
The GazaCoin project aims to promote the use of GazaCoin by organizations and private initiatives to finance humanitarian aid and provide relief to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

Participation - Create a meme or a template!

Meet Omar, the young fellow featured in the logo. Omar symbolizes the resilience and the spirit of the Palestinian people and the presenter of the GazaCoin Project.

Are you eager to support this noble cause in a fresh and impactful way? Contribute to the GazaCoin Project by creating an image or meme and recieve a reward!


  • Omar is the central theme of GazaCoin project's images and memes. With his representation, we aim to amplify our voices!

  • Omar is depicted as a boy aged 15-17, wearing keffiyehs on his head and neck, with colors matching those in the logo.

You can utilize the provided templates or craft your own variation of Omar in any style you like.

You can also create a new template in different style for the use of the community. Selected templates will be published next to those provided above.

Submit your meme/template to the email address

The best memes/templates will be shared across various social media platforms to raise awareness and achieve our goal: To Exert Influence for the sake of Palestinian People!

Reward: 200,000,000 (200M) GazaCoin for selected images, and 400,000,000 (400M) for selected templates. When submitting your meme/template, include the wallet address where the reward should be transferred.

Legal: By submitting your image, you waive any copyright/ownership of any kind to this image and the GazaCoin Project management reserves the rights to use/not use this image at their sole discretion.

How to buy

Create a crypto wallet with a provider of your choice.

You will need to download a browser extension or a smartphone app to get started.
For example you can use or

Get some ETH from any exchange on the list


Transfer from another wallet

Go to
and connect your wallet to Base network

Swap ETH for GAZA

There is no buy/sell tax.

Copy the token contract adress: 0x562426D1c940a02648170044eE621dD97bf5B66b

Use the "Select token" button and paste the address to find the GazaCoin token.


Use the "Buy GazaCoins" button on the home page above.


Token supply:


Liquidity pool 85%

5% - Marketing

4% - Future CEX listings, bridges and liquidity pools.

6% - Reserved for donations to Gaza reconstruction and rehabilitation projects.

LP NFT (tokens) are burnt, and contract ownership is renounced.

Road Map



Exert Influence